Three full days of sessions, three full days of fun, three full days of hacking, talking and dreaming with other Fedora friends. That was Flock 2017, but we still had the last day and it consisted mainly of a recap of the working sessions and talks. After some insights from the people who hold the sessions we were told what worked well and what they tried to fix during Flock.


These could help to make next year’s Flock better and more successful. After the recap Matthew and Brian closed officially the conference, and so we could start our Council meeting, during which we discussed some important topics and had a pizza. It is always a good thing to meet in person, because things get discussed much faster and without any distractions, so we had a really good session. Unfortunately I had to leave the meeting after 2 hours, because I needed to catch my flight back home.


The way back was unspectacular, I slept most of the flight, but in the end I discovered my baggage has been lost…
Some personal considerations:

  • The advertising and recap sessions are very new, I am not sure how much they can help to improve Flock. I could see that most of the attendees already had a fixed schedule before coming to Flock.
  • I am very in favor of working sessions, but we focused on classic workshops. Some of them were almost empty and we should avoid that. I want to get things done during Flock because it is a unique occasion for anyone to meet in person. Maybe next year we could see if team hackfests work better, like Infrastructure, Design or Hubs(apps). Those hackfests had good audience, maybe this works better than setting up a classic workshop to gather new contributors from other teams (this is not a FUDCon).
  • We can do better evening events, definitely. The games arcade evening was nice, but people spoke not much unless between old friends. They played a lot and it was fun, we could do that better and bring people together even more. Also the Game night in the Hotel is something not all people seemed to like, we always had events where people were brought more together, like the beergarden event in Charleston or the photografy evening in Rochester.
  • Badges are great fun and the badge workshop always is very nice. Why not think about an evening event where people can win badges after a sort of outdoor survival session or whatever. I missed that we didn’t bring people together as much as during last Flocks.
  • Last one: I know we were near Boston and it is normal, but we had too many RedHatters in this conference. I hope this will not be understood wrong because we need them there also, but while during the other Flocks I never had this impression, this time I noticed it immediately. I know most of the key contributors are RH employed, but let’s not make the mistake and close out of the door people who should have been there.

All in all, a nice Flock again, arrived already to its fifth edition. Thanks to Fedora for making this possible, and thanks to all attendees for coming.