Day 3 was going to be heavy, there were a lot of talks and sessions and it was the day of my talk! Logistics in the morning, but it was already just a meetup before sessions start, having a coffee and setting up the schedule for the day. After that, and in the same room Mike McGrath started to give the “What does Red Hat want?” talk. I think I already saw similar talks in Rochester, but there were some news I didn’t know.


Then I moved to Kevin’s Infrastructure session about Infra infinity and beyond (even the title was something special). Kevin always has packed rooms and is able to give interesting answers to whatever question people are asking. I like this and it was great to be there and to listen what is happening on the infra side of the project. From Openshift migrations to cloud instances, but even plans to work together with CentOS folks, it was all very interesting and it gave us a look in which direction we are moving.
It was time for lunch again, same packages so I got the one I didn’t eat the other two days, some fruit, cookies and a coffee and I was ready for the afternoon.
It was time for my talk, I expected some more people, but there were a lot of other interesting sessions at the same time, and Mindshare is not so popular still, but I hope that will change soon. I did a short presentation about what we are doing well as outreach teams, and where we are failing. That leads to plans how to solve the issues and as Mindshare is a Council objective I worked out some solutions which will probably have a high impact on ambassadors, marketing and other teams. I decided then to open the talk to have some discussion and people asked really nice questions, which surprised me. I expected people complaining about the plan, but probably most of them understood the convenience this initiative will have. (maybe I will make a dedicated blog post about Mindshare the next days).
The schedule was set up correctly, so after my Mindshare talk it was time for the ambassadors workshop in the same room, where Nick and Jona talked about this specific group, the issues and the new workflow after and the migration to pagure.


I closed my third day with the talk about G11n, where Jean-Baptiste had some really nice examples to show where we are failing and what is needed to improve the situation. The rest I discussed with him already the day before in front of a beer :)



There was no evening planned for the third day and so we moved towards the town to get something to eat, but then got back to the Hotel where we found many people hanging around at the bar discussing, hacking on urgent stuff or just drinking a beer to watch one of the last preseason matches before the start of NFL. It was nice to exchange opinions and many people came to me to talk even more about Mindshare, the curiosity people have in this initiative made me happy and I was able to answer all their questions and understandable doubts.
After three days of sessions and workshops I was tired, so I went to bed rather early, next day we had some other stuff but it was also the day we would have gone back home.