Day two started with a Logistics session as every day, but nothing really new on this side. It was good to be there to wake totally up, also because I was co-speaker at Andrea’s workshop about Fedora websites just after the opening. I helped him to go through some tricky questions, because yes, we had some people participating and they started working immediately on websites stuff with was great. We explained a bit our I18n markup and how translations are handled within the websites, but then went soon to take some tickets and working on them. People were able to fix some of them and we opened new issues to improve the websites even more, so I was quite happy to see all these results. For Andrea it was the first workshop, but he made it without any big problems, so my help was just when people needed a clarifying answer or during the local build of the websites. The outcome of this workshop was positive and I hope people will continue doing some stuff even after Flock ;)


It was time for lunch, I switched to another package as the meal was pretty the same as the day before, and then got some coffee to be ready for afternoon.
I planned to use almost all the afternoon in Aurélien’s Hubs workshop session, because I really want them to be deployed soon and I did the first presentation of Hubs 4 years ago, during Flock in Charleston…The vagrant setup was not working for me, although Aurélien made a nice tutorial just for this workshop, so with the help of Sayan I was able to get into the hubs using the good old virtualenv I still love, despite all the new virtualization possibilities. Hubs are nice, but there is a huge need of working widgets, so I hope I can find some time to create one, maybe for ambassadors or websites.


Towards the end I decided to get out and to head over to the talk of my friend Gabriele (mailga), about Marketing’s visions and future. He mentioned in some way also my Mindshare talk the next day, which made me happy, because the two things are really related and we should work together to set up a good initiative from which all people can take advantage.
The day was almost over, so we went to the evening event at Wackenhammer’s arcade. It was more or less the same event we had in Rochester, just in a smaller format. Games were ok and I had a lot of fun. We had dinner from a food truck and a couple of free beers too. All in all it was a good occasion to talk to other people about other stuff, while playing some classic arcade games.


The event closed early, so some of us continued in local pubs, while I decided to get back to the Hotel and to have some beers at the Hotel bar, were I talked until after midnight with Jean-Baptiste about translations and his plans to optimize this important part of the project.