Day 1 started very early, registration at 7:30am, out of the Hotel to get something for breakfast and then back at 8:30am to the ballroom for the opening of Flock.
Matthew Miller, our Project Leader, had some very nice slides and statistics to show, which I followed interested.


Brian Exelbierd completed the presentation by giving us some logistic informations and introduced us into what we would do during Flock this year. The focus was more on do-sessions, so we had many of them in the schedule and many would have been interesting. Unfortunately I had to choose some of them, because sometimes I had two sessions at the same time I would have been interested in.
We made the group foto and then it was time to present our talk briefly to all people in the room in order to try to get people interested in attending. This was not a bad idea, but it is not a bad one, as the room the first day during the opening is full.


After that we went upstairs to have lunch, some sandwiches and fruit and the it was time for sessions. As Council member I started with my other Council friends an open Budget session, during which we answered all the questions people had about the budget, activities etc. I think it was not bad, people had the possibility to ask almost everything they had in mind, and we really tried to get things sorted out to be as clear as possible to all.
After that I headed to the badge workshop, where I met Marie again, who did a great job. I knew that already, because I attended also the session in Rochester, but it’s always good to refresh your knowledge, and also this time I got some more informations about this funny part of the design team.

Then I had an hour to meet some people, and it was nice to meet all of them again, speak about upcoming stuff and plan some features we might want to have soon. Time flies and so I had to leave soon to go to Tom Callaway’s talk about Fedora Legal. I like his way of presenting even difficult topics, and so I appreciated his talk very much and would say it was one of the best of the whole Flock.


The session’s day directly flow into the evening event, which was a game night where we also had pizza and some beers offered by RedHat. During that event I participated also in building Fedorator, a nice machine to produce USB sticks ambassadors can use during their events. I brought it back to Italy where we will use it soon.



It was a long first day, we had many things to do and I fell into bed soon, day 2 was waiting for me and I wanted to do even more as during the first day.