Yes, it was this time again, and the last week of my holidays I was preparing myself for Flock. This year, beside Gabriele (mailga) another guy from Italy was joining us in Fedora’s developer conference, Andrea Masala (veon), and I was happy to introduce him a bit more into the Project.
My journey started very early in the morning, at 5am, because I had to reach Milan from the Alps and I chose to get a train, which was incredibly for Italy in time! Anyway, I had to run to the airport to catch my flight where Andrea and Gabriele were waiting for me. We had some delay, but reached Düsseldorf perfectly in time for our flight to Boston. At the gate we met some other guys which had the same destination, Jona, Jiri, Marianna, Fabian, Douglas and Rafal. I didn’t expect that, but it was nice to have so many Fedorians on the same plane.


After 7 hours we landed in Boston, the flight was smooth and I even slept a bit. Unfortunately we had to wait 40 minutes for our bus to Hyannis, so when it arrived I was really tired and slept almost for the whole 2 hours. I thought we were near the bus station, but it turned out we were on the other side of the city, so after a long walk we finally reached the hotel.
I was hungry, but many people were already there and we started immediately to talk, when we decided to go out for some dinner almost all places were already closed. We found a nice pub, which also had a good pizza (really, no kidding), so we ate there and had a beer. Back at the Hotel we got another beer at the Hotel Bar, where we continued talking with other Fedorians.
Finally I went to bed and had a peaceful night, which was good, because day 1 was starting very early.